Transmission repair 101

Computer can recognize the fact fish vs how many rpms and push up this morning to help with shopping in those would be written so it recognize that it never found second gear and that’s not what a medically tells me that the customer complaint up there are being completely correlates with this because when he’s used to. Change your second gear reduction if so when we drive the vehicle speed sensors and output speed sensor and all the computers sensors that it relies on for data are functioning first thing on the list here is the vehicle speed sensor which other computer that were actually moving and faster loading okay so starting from zero. Now the vehicles rolling we can see that it’s going to solid hard to climb okay so busy we’re going to do the one that’s Arturo test I’m going to see they hear that the computers to my first year which is were supposed to be at home at a standstill. So when I started driving we’re going to monitor all of my dad and see when the computer commands your change of the 2nd which is right there all the computers 0 another vehicle bowling. First year were supposed to drive back transmission your driveway flash drive late the problem okay so is the computer have a good night and i’m stay hi hey I’ll confirm that we have not responding p for the computer won’t even recognize fax something right by watching the data and looking at the whole are sensors. In many cases if your transmission has gone out, you are going to need your vehicle towed. We provide full service 24 hour towing to our repair shop to fix your transmission. Check out our shop marketing at

Transmission troubleshooting

Transmission troubleshooting


Transmission Repair Avon


We can troubleshoot your transmission no matter what city it is in.

Avon we are helping people with their transmission.

Call us anytime 317-441-3605 for transmission repair.

Rather you are in Greenwood or Danville we can help you.

1. Start with calling us.
2. We will try to troubleshoot over the phone.
3. We will inspect it for freee.
4. Help is on its way.

Transmission Repair Indianapolis

We have been in business for a very long time. We can help you with your transmission repair in Indianapolis. Call 3174413605 anytime.


Transmission repair map

Well let’s start off by finding out what problem your Tra sissies has, once we know that we can let you know exactly what you need to do for transmission repair.

We will get it driving back down the road for you once again. First step is to call.


Transmission Overhaul kit

Transmission repair

Indianapolis Transmission repair 317-441-3605

When it comes to repairing a transmission leave it to the professionals. We have been doing transmission repair for many years, over 60 to be closer to exact.

We will take care in repairing your transmission. But first let’s be sure your transmission even needs repaired.

1. First we need to get your vehicle to our location. We don’t recommend driving it unless the circumstances are special. You can either have it towed or we can tow it for you.

2. Scan transmission and troubleshoot. Often times it can be and simple solution,  sometimes electrical. We can tell a lot of information just by scanning the codes and data on your computer. Late models are completely ran by the computer and hooking up the computer scanner can and will tell us a great amount of information.

3. After scanning we can pull the transmission pan and inspect it this way. This way we also learn about what could be wrong or going wrong with your transmission.

4. We will go over all this information and let your decide how to move forward.

Call 317-441-3605, we are here to help you. No charge to scan and troubleshoot.


Stuck in a rut, or is your transmission slipping?

We can rebuild your transmission for you. We do not charge for you to bring your car to us for troubleshooting. We have helped many people thru out the Indianapolis area with their transmission service. We have a shop that can accommodate you. Any questions you have we are here to answer them.

Your transmission may not need rebuilt, we will scan it and diagnose it for free. Professional transmission service at an affordable price is what Budget Transmission Service is all about.

Rebuilding a transmission.

At Budget Transmission Service, we take pride in rebuilding transmissions. We have been doing this for many years. The trick to a healthy transmission is healthy fluid. If you are not changing your transmission fluid when you are suppose to on your transmission it could cause your transmission to start slipping over time.

Did you have a hard winter on your transmission this year? Well if your transmission is starting to slip this time of the year, that most likely means it was a hard winter. We can help you. Bring it up to our shop and we will diagnose it at absolutely no cost. We know our competitors charge close to $100 just to look at your transmission. Well we don’t, and we never will. Scanning your transmission has never been easier. Its 2015, and all transmission now days are controlled by the computer on your automotive. Hooking a scanner up to your automobile takes 15 minutes, and pulling the codes can sometimes tell us exactly what is wrong with your transmission. If your transmission needs repaired we can give you a quote right on the spot.

This van is ready for a transmission rebuild.

This van is ready for a transmission rebuild.

Transmission Repair 101 & Carry Out

Where do you start when repairing a transmission?

START with calling us. Leave it to the professionals. Transmission repair is not easy, we have been doing this for over 60 years and have gotten good at it. There are a lot of ways that you can make easy mistakes when trying to repair your transmission yourself.

We will give you good quotes on carry out orders. Meaning, if you would like to pull the transmission yourself and have us rebuild it. Of course you are going to save money here.

If you need help diagnosing a problem you are having, please feel free to call us. We don’t mind helping you. REALLY. We do not charge for diagnostics, REALLY!

Transmission repair on old cars.

We can fix the old ones or the new ones.

Transmission Repair made easy

We are here to help you make the repair of your transmission as easy as possible. Rather it be a complete overhaul, or a fluid change we will try our best to help you make it easy.

Call ahead of time to schedule a appointment. We do not charge to look at your vehicle like most places. When we do our diagnosis we call you back and let you know exactly what is wrong.

Call 317-441-3605 for any questions you may have. Or download the mobile phone app.

Can your transmission handle this?

Can your transmission handle this?

Indianapolis New Website Launched

Welcome to our new website. Budget Transmission Service help people in central Indiana with their transmission problems. Family business for over 60 years. The most experience in Indianapolis.

Any questions you may have please call us, 317-487-0505.

We offer towing as well, if you need a tow please call.

Transmission repair Indianapolis

We can help you with your transmission. We do not charge you to test drive or scan your automobile.